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ConnexMe Visual Collaboration
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Visual Collaboration

Introducing a new way of engaging your participants.

Visual Collaboration is a presentation game-changer that empowers the speaker to keep the audience captivated. Complete your slides on the spot, ask your audience to share their ideas directly on the presentation and show multiple results in the form of a heat map. Thanks to Evenium innovation, everyone’s opinion counts, harnessing the group’s brainpower to achieve amazing results.

Digital Chalk Talk

The New Secret Weapon for Presentations

A homage to the overhead projector, Digital Chalk Talk allows you to add content to your slides on the spot. Complete graphs right in front of the participants, progressively revealing the content as you go.
Whether it’s marking content on the fly or highlighting important data, with Digital Chalk Talk the limits are endless.

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Annotations for Feedback

Draw, Highlight and Add Text

Say goodbye to pen and paper. Participants can provide live feedback directly right from their smartphone or tablet.
Use the Pen tool to draw, the Marker tool to highlight important information, or the Text tool to add comments directly onto the slide. The speaker can use the suggestions made in real time, enriching the discussion and facilitating final decision making.

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Visual Polling

Live Results Displayed in A Heat Map

Easily engage participants and accurately display the results to be used as the basis for further discussion. The audience’s responses are presented on the main screen in the form of a heat map. This new way of collaborating encourages individual participation and audience engagement.

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