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We believe in in-person meetings


We love them
efficient and human

We love them
content-rich and engaging

We love them
structured and mind-challenging

We love them
interactive and passionate

Whether you want to achieve big things in teams, promote your ideas, teach, learn, convince people, brainstorm, or impact your world, we are here to empower you.


Organizing a great meeting has a set of tough challenges!
How do you motivate participants to attend, welcome them, personalize and structure their live interactions?
How do you deliver forceful presentations, that engage the collective and emotional intelligence of the audience?

With 15 years of international experience in the field, we have learned how to make the presence of every person count. We turn meetings into a memorable and impactful experience.

From planning to presenting, Evenium technology augments your talents, to achieve your business objectives with ease and success.




In 2000, our founders Avner & Eric -- tech & cool guys! -- foresaw that the Internet and mobile devices were merging the means of communication and processing, offering radical new ways to augment personalized relationships between people at gatherings, as well as offering opportunities to digitize the unstructured part of in-person meetings.

As Ivy-League Graduates in Computer Science, they started applying the best technologies to help event organizers, while actively listening to and learning from the field's greatest professionals.

They focused on recruiting the best talent, innovators and creators, who believed in the power of in-person meetings, to build Evenium in to a team dedicated to radically empowering organizers, participants, and presenters.

Business Angels and Entrepreneur Venture VC fund joined the journey to build what Evenium is today.


Evenium is located in Silicon Valley and Europe, serving thousands of international clients around the world.
We relentlessly bring the best of web, mobile, and wearable technology to the cause we share: getting the most out of in-person professional meetings.

Our cloud and mobile solutions are specifically designed to benefit event organizers, participants, and presenters. We develop state-of-the-art tools for:

For Organizer

Organizers, to manage meeting set-up, streamline their workflow, help attract participants, and build strong communities. Evenium Net, our registration platform, and Evenium OnSite, our entry management solution, transform the event planning, delivery and participation experience.

For Participant

Participants, to interact thoroughly with content and network with the right people through Evenium ConnexMe, the first mobile event app focused on interactivity, sharing and networking. We also consider those unable to attend meetings in person, supporting the ability for remote attendees to connect and interact online.

For Presenter

Presenters and public speakers, to effectively deliver their messages and interact better with their audiences, enhancing mutual learning and emotional impact while leveraging everyone's time and expertise.

Tell us what you think! We love learning from conversations, as we are profoundly convinced that the best products originate from an astute mix of expertise and actual user experiences.

Join our community of enthusiastic professionals! We'll empower you to propel your meetings to higher levels of achievement, and translate them into instruments for decisiveness. Your new powers start here!


It's been a long road, but we are continually growing and learning...

  • 2000


    Evenium Founded

  • 2008


    Launch of Evenium OnSite (laptop and bar code scanner)

  • 2010


    Opening of the new Evenium Facility corporate platform

  • 2011


    Launch of the Evenium ConnexMe application. The Onsite application becomes a mobile app

  • 2012


    Launch of the Evenium Net, our ticketing registration solution. Evenium receives a 1.2M€ funding from Entrepreneur Venture. Evenium Incorporated opens in San Francisco, California

  • 2013


    Evenium adds sales and support team in San Francisco and Silicon Valley. Launch of the new Evenium Net website

  • 2014


    Half a million people already use ConnexMe

  • 2015


    Launch of ConnexMe for Glass: the 1st Google glass app to help speakers deliver enhanced presentations, and interact with their audiences as never before.



CEO Evenium S.A

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After graduating from top French engineering school Ecole Polytechnique in 1996 and Telecom Paris in 1998, Avner joined Bouygues Telecom and Schlumberger, working on Java application projects for mobile phone chips. At 28 years old and with a promising career at one of the largest companies in the world, he decided instead to forge his own path by creating Evenium in 2000 with business partner Eric Amram.


CEO Evenium Inc.

Connect with Eric on LinkedinFollow Eric on twitter

Eric graduated from M.I.T. (Boston, MA, MS’98 in Computer Science) after Ecole Polytechnique in 1996. His career began as a researcher in Robotics and Computer Vision for the French Ministry of Defense, while lecturing computer science at Ensta engineering school, and doing independent consulting in "e-business" for corporations. He decided to drop out of his PhD program in 2000 and join forces with business partner Avner to found Evenium. After establishing Evenium as the reference technology platform for professional meetings in Europe, Eric moved to Silicon Valley in 2013 to expand Evenium Inc. in the American market.